After you’ve washed your hands, use your thumb and pointer finger to reach up and grab the base of the cup. Do NOT yank by the stem. You need to release the suction before removal. Pinch the cup to release the suction, and then slowly remove the cup.

Usually you'll be sitting over a toilet or in a shower, you can remove the cup and dump the contents in one swift motion.

After you've removed the cup, rinse clean, mild soap optional, and you're ready to reinsert! If you're in public, feel free to wipe with toilet paper before reinserting. While you wouldn't want to do this every time. It's perfectly acceptable in a pinch.  

One (of the many) pros of our two-pack is that if your sink is far away from your toilet, you can bring your clean one in with you, empty your cup, insert the clean one, and wash the other on your way out, leaving it ready for the next switcheroo.



Having trouble with removal?

FIRST: RELAX! Don't worry, it can't get lost, and even if you think it's stuck, it won't stay in there forever.

Second: When it's time to remove, bear down (like you're having a bowel movement.) This will bring the cup further down and closer to reach if it seems to have situated itself further up, this is totally normal.

Third: Don't be shy or afraid of your body. Yes, your fingers are going to touch your vagina. Your vagina isn't gross, it isn't dirty, it's just part of your body, and at this moment, it's holding a menstrual cup that you need to remove. That's it! Don't overthink it!

Fourth: RELAX again! Take a deep breath, breath out, and as you exhale, remove that Bloody Buddy Cup! You got this!