Quick Start Insertion!

After you’ve washed your hands, fold the Bloody Buddy Cup. Keep it folded tightly while inserting into the vagina. When you release the hold, it will begin to open. Giving it a twist will help it fully open. Running a finger around the cup will let you know if it's fully open. Once it's fully open you can push it up until it reaches just below the cervix. A gentle tug can help ensure the cup is open and suction is secure. Once you know it's open, you're good to go! Enjoy the feeling of complete period protection!

Feelin like you need more guidance? Keep reading on for expert mode!


In Depth Insertion pun intended ;)

Having troubles? Here's some more detailed tips on helping your Bloody Buddy Cup open and seal, giving YOU and your favorite pants some serious period protection.

Starting with a wet cup, or using a little water based lubricant can help the cup open more easily.

Only fold the Bloody Buddy as tightly as needed to comfortably insert. The tighter the fold, the more work it'll take to open up inside the vagina.

Don't insert too high before allowing the cup to begin opening. Insert 50-70% of the way, once the cup is fully open, then push it up the remainder of the way.

When the cup is partially inserted, bear down (push like your going #2) while you twist the cup, this will help it fully open.

Once the cup is fully open (check by running your finger around the base of the cup, checking for dents/folds) then push the cup up as far as comfortably possibly, aiming to have the opening of the cup, directly beneath the cervix.

Sitting with VERY wide knees over the toilet can be very helpful. Some people squatting in the shower and find that very helpful. This would be better if you have a higher cervix and have trouble getting the cup high enough. Others put one leg up on a counter or the size of the tub. This would be better if you have a lower cervix and need more room.

There is a learning curve to menstrual cups! Don't get frustrated if you don't get it right away. If you're already frustrated, put it down, walk away, and come back again in a few hours to try. RELAX! Take deep breaths, and don't tense up! You got this!  


Finding your cervix
You don't have to find your cervix to use a Bloody Buddy Cup, but it can be really helpful in understanding your body if you're having cup troubles. Inserting a finger into the vagina to locate the cervix can let you know where you are aiming your cup as well as how far up there your cervix is. Hint: it feels like the tip of your nose. You can use the graphic to see if your cervix is considered higher or lower. Once you know where your cervix is, you know where you're trying to get your cup situated, which is, right underneath the cervix. Some even have the cup pushed right up touching the cervix. Although don't place it so far that your cervix is taking up room in the cup if you want to allow for maximum capacity.