Which size Bloody Buddy Cup should I buy?

If you haven't already, see our page on sizing.

The simplest answer is: if you have just started your period, up through 18 years, the bud (teen) cup was designed for you. From 18-30, the blossom (small) cup will be a great fit. And for 30 and older, the bloom (large) cup is just for you. If you've carried a full term pregnancy, we suggest sizing up.

Feeling like you fall into more than one category? Let's say you're 25, and have carried a full pregnancy, but delivered via c-section and you are trying to decide between a small or large. Due to the nature of our product, and not being able to exchange it, is the very reason we offer a mixed pack. The good news is, the vagina is elastic, and there's a chance both would work for you, but if for some reason one doesn't, you'll still have one Bloody Buddy Cup good for the next 10 years.


How do I know when it's full?!

If you use the restroom, wipe, and see a "tinge of pink" go ahead and empty and reinsert, just to play it safe.

The cup holds about 4 tampons worth of your flow, so you can use that to gauge how often you need to change it.

The first few cycles with a cup is a learning curve. You'll get to know your flow. On day two, you might need to change it once mid day, but by day four, you notice that the mid day change the cup is nearly empty, so you can leave it in for the full 12 hours. Don't stress. If it makes you more comfortable, wearing a pad the first cycle of two can give you peace of mind.

Even if the cup is full, it's not going to come gushing out.

How long can I leave it in?

Your Bloody Buddy Cup is safe to leave in for up to 12 hours. Whether it's full or not, you'll want to empty, rinse and re-insert every twelve hours to avoid the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome.

If you have a heavy flow, you'll want to empty it when it gets full, and not wait a full 12 hours.

What are the dimensions?


Bud (teen)





Blossom (small)





Bloom (large)





How much does a Bloody Buddy Cup hold?

Bud/Teen:18mL (3.5 regular tampons)

Blossom/Small: 23mL (4.5 regular tampons)

Bloom/Large: 25mL (5.0 regular tampons)

The Bloody Buddy Cup holds a LOT. Whether or not your cup is full, you'll want to empty and reinsert a minimum of every 12 hours to avoid risks of toxic shock syndrome.

(Based on the average regular tampon holding 5mL of menstrual flow.)

Can a Bloody Buddy Cup get lost?

NO! Your Bloody Buddy Cup can't get lost. The vagina is NOT a never ending cavity. Let's chat about a little (but very essential) thing called your cervix. The vagina is only 3-5 inches long. At the end of the vagina sits the cervix, which is like the bouncer for Club Uterus. The cervix is between the uterus and your vagina. Your menstrual blood passes through the cervix, and when you're wearing a cup, your menstrual flow is collected until you empty.

If you go to remove your cup and it feels higher than where you left it, that's fine and normal. Knowing that it can only go so far, you can know it'll always be within reach. Bearing down (as if you're taking a bowel movement) can help inch the cup down into a more comfortable reach. If you are really struggling, going into a full squat will shorten the vaginal canal and bring it even closer.

Just remember, as with insertion, staying calm and relaxed will make for an easier removal.  

What's the difference between the colors?

As far as function goes, the cups are all the same. The color options are mostly there for preference, as well as convenience if you'd like to differentiate between yours' and a housemate's.

Can I mix and match colors?

Short answer, no. It's just not logistically feasible at this point.

With 6 colors in 6 sizing combinations, we already have 36 different packs to choose from. If we were to offer mixing and matching colors we'd have 1,296 different pack options, and if we are ever going to end up on the shelves in your local Target, we're not sure how they'd feel about taking over an entire aisle.

Can I swim, run, sleep with a Bloody Buddy Cup?

Yes, yes, and YES!

Swimming with a cup is great! Not having to wiggle out of a wet swim suit (THE WORST!) to change a tampon is great. Also not having a string soaking up chlorine into your netherlands is also great!

Running with a menstrual cup, also approved! Sports with a cup are fantastic! Our old design took many of women through marathon finish lines, and we are confident the new Bloody Buddy Cup will do the same! Tag us so we can see!

Sleeping, well if this wasn't hands down my favorite benefit! Tampons have a short life, and if you decide to push them longer than the intended use, you put yourself at risk for tss. The Bloody Buddy Cup is safe to leave in for up to 12 hours. That's a niiiiiice loooong nights rest. If you were worried about leaking, the cup is sealed against the vaginal walls, so while technically blood may leave the cup, it's still sealed, and when you are upright again, it'll fall right back into the cup, ready to be disposed of.


Sex and the Bloody Buddy Cup?

Can you have sex with a Bloody Buddy Cup? This depends on your definition of sex. As far as vaginal penetrative sex, we'd definitely recommend removing your cup.

If you're not up to removing your cup, the cup keeps things nice and clean for other methods of sex ;)

How long does the cup last?

With proper care, your Bloody Buddy Cup should last for 10 years.

When should you replace your cup? If you see any signs of cracking, peeling, holes, odors you're not able to get rid of you'll want to replace it.

STAINING is fine and normal.

Proper care of your cup includes not using oil based lubricants, soaps, storing the cup in a safe dry place, not over boiling.

How do I clean the Bloody Buddy Cup?

Check out our page on cleaning here.


Always sanitize your new cup before first use! This is easiest to do by boiling the cup for 3 minutes.


Each time you empty your cup, rinse it in the sink. Soap is not mandatory. If you do use a soap, be sure it's something mild, not heavy fragrance, and be sure to rinse completely clean.

If you are worried about staining, rinsing with cool water first, will help prevent staining.


When your period is over, sanitize your Bloody Buddy Cup.

Sanitize using one of our steamer bags or boiling your cup. Pop it in the bag, in the microwave for 3 minutes and voila! Sanitized! Place in one of the provided storage bags or another breathable container, and your cup will be clean and ready for your next period!  

Sanitize by boiling on the stove. Place your cup in boiling water for 3 minutes. If you don't want to use the families sauce pan (btw boiling kills any germs...but we get it...) you can microwave a mug of water to a boil and then placing your cup in the mug for several minutes. Allow it to air dry, and then place in one of the provided storage bags or another breathable container, and your cup will be clean and ready for your next period!  

What's your return policy?

Due to the nature of this product, we aren't able to accept returns, but we are willing to give all the help and support we can getting you started using your new Bloody Buddy Cup.

Bloody Buddy Cup is a registered medical device. We can’t accept returns or exchanges. We do offer replacements if the cup is defective. Please reach out to us within 60 days of your original purchase if you find your cup to be defective. We always recommend giving your Bloody Buddy Cup at least 3 cycles to really get a hang of it. It is worth the effort! We have help available via DMs on Instagram and chat on our website. We’re your buddy in this! We want you to succeed!

If you are unhappy with your purchase, contact us at holler@bloodybuddycup.com and let us do our best to make it right.

Are you FDA registered?

We sure are! The Bloody Buddy Cup itself is registered with the FDA, as well as the factory the Bloody Buddy Cups are manufactured at. You can view our FDA registration information here: at fda.gov.

Bloody Buddy Cup is a product of Locksley Circle LLC