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Bloody Buddy Cup®

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Easy - Open Design

Ribbing Structure

One of the biggest issues people run into when switching to a menstrual cup is getting the dang thing open. Problem solved! The Bloody Buddy Cup now has four ribs built into the walls of each cup that provide just the right amount of structure to help the cups open easily every time.

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Inner Rim

Bloody Buddy Cups' inner-rim also assists with opening during insertion but it’s so sleek and thin it will never get in the way of keeping your cup clean. By moving the rim inside we’ve upped the comfort factor as well. Once you get your buddy in place, you shouldn't feel a thing! 

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only the best materials

for your hoo-ha

There are 3 levels of silicone that are considered "medical grade". You'll definitely see some cheap menstrual cups that use the lowest grade but MOST use the mid grade.

The Bloody Buddy Cup® uses the highest tier of medical grade silicone! This is the same material used in medical implants that are designed to be safely placed in the body for years so you can feel more than safe having a Bloody Buddy Cup in your body for up to 12 hours between emptying!


All About That BASE

Flexible Comfort Stem

The cup stem was designed to be so flexible, thin and comfortable, even if your cup sits lower you won't necessarily need to trim the stem. It’s ultimately up to you though and if you ever do decide to give it a little trim, the recessed lines on every stem are the perfect guide!

Wavy Grips

(Patent Pending)

We updated the grips to make twisting during insertion, and pinching for removal even easier. We want any Bloody Buddy Cup maneuvering to be done with confidence. No slipping here!

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Pincher Bulb

(Patent Pending)

This is something you can’t see, but you’ll definitely use! There’s a pea size pincher bulb built into the base of each cup. It will help you get a firm grasp as you rotate after insertion and it stops your cup from collapsing or refolding at the base.


I just got through my first period with the cup & all I've gotta say is where has this been all my life?! My mind is blown with how comfortable and unnoticeable it is while in. Thank you for creating such an amazing product and making life a little easier.

New BBCup Buddy

My 13yo said "mama, it was so easy I took it out and tried again to make sure it wasn't a fluke! And I got it again, so easy!"

Mother of Teen

I'm sad it took me so long to discover you guys! But I'm so happy I have! I was worried how it would feel, but it's so much more comfortable than a tampon. I can't wait to tell everybody about Bloody Buddy Cup!

Long Lost BBCup Fan

we like shiny things!

Polished Finish

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From your first period, to your last we've got a size for you! We also offer mixed sized packs to take the guesswork out of finding your perfect fit!

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We’ve got 6 awesome colors to choose from! This is great for anyone living with multiple menstruators, nothing will get mixed up! What's your favorite color?!

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