The Bloody Buddy Cup has taken all the feedback from our current cup, and designed an even better, dare we say, the BEST, menstrual cup. All the things you loved, made better.



Kickstarter allows you to support product during the development process. We've gone through prototype after prototype, perfecting the new Bloody Buddy Cup. Kickstarter give you the chance to tell us "YES! we love this and want this!"
When you back our Kickstarter you'll obviously get your two-pack of the new Bloody Buddy Menstrual Cup, but you'll also have bragging rights until menopause that you supported a women owned company bring a new product to life. When a Kickstarter project funds, production begins! If a Kickstarter doesn't hit the 100% funding, everyone gets their money back and we'll probably go panhandle for 20 years and maybe eventually your grandchildren can partake of this wonderful little miracle in a cup!
O, and you can totally take credit for helping save the planet and brag about not having to change your tampon every 4 hours anymore.


From your first period, to your last and every period in between, we've got a size for you! You too, teens! No more hiding your tampon up our sweater sleeves!


The inner rim is one of the most noticable changes. We moved the rim inside for added comfort, stability and protection.

The ribbed structure assists in the opening and sealing process, helping shorten the menstrual cup learning curve.


The new stem is super flexible and strong as always. The trip lines are now debossed for a smoother cut, should you decide to customize it! The grips at the base have been redesigned to assist in that final twist after insertion.

The finish on the new Bloody Buddy Cups is soft as satin. It's like the coziest sweater for your hoo-ha! We now offer a rainbow of stain resistant color options. Even though people don't see your cup, sometimes a yellow cup is just the dose of sunshine you need on day 1 of your period! As always, still made form medical grade silicone.


As always the Bloody Buddy Cup will continue to be sold in a two pack, for a price comparable to most others sell just one cup. Keep the spare at work or in the car. We just want to make sure your Buddy has always got your back, since you won't be keeping stale tampons in your bag anymore!


You still get up to 12 hours of protection, giving you a period with 1/4 the trips to the restroom. The new cups last for up to 10 years. That's like SO much wasted money and litter you've saved! Hooray!


Word got out how good our trouble shooting team that people who'd bought cups from anyone were hitting us up! We don't mind, this gave us even more insight to develop a more perfect cup. ;) Side note, nothing is TMI for our team!

We truly need you! The only way the Bloody Buddy Cup will be able to come to full production is to be fully funded on Kickstarter. Backing us on Kickstarter saves YOU money and lets US know how bad you want it and puts you at the top of the list to get the new Bloody Buddy Cups in your hand VERY FIRST!



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Hey! We're Courtney, Lexie, and Ashley, and we're sisters who were initially NOT into the idea of a menstrual cup. There was actually a time when we didn't have period freedom! We shudder to remember such a time, honestly.

Sometimes your sister knows best though, and we were convinced to just TRY a cup, and our lives were forever changed.

When we started Bloody Buddy Cup we worked with a manufacturer who was already producing menstrual cups. We made customizations where we could using the small start-up funds we had.

Now, years later, we've worked tirelessly to create a 100% customized cup. We started from scratch with this beauty, and we've poured our hearts into putting the best menstrual cup possible into your hands (and vaginas 😂).

Supporting Bloody Buddy Cup means sup-porting small women business owners who care about saving time, money and the planet one hoo-ha at a time!